What is War, by Arzel and Lynn

Today I woke up wondering what I could do to get Peace on this Planet.  I thought about atomic energy and atomic powered silent weapons. 

When atomic energy is used to power silent weapons or atomic energy is beamed at airplanes and ET ships this is an act  of war.

With these silent weapons the military can put poison in your coffee, tea or any drink you consume.  They can change your looks.  They can attack your heart and give you a massive heart attack..  They can break your legs and knee caps.  They can steal your muscles and tendons. 

They can change your reality by stealing your home or your money.

Countries that are being sanctioned can also see their leaders be tortured by silent weapons.

There are a group of Beings who are responsible to ensure we do not blow up this Planet or send it out of orbit.  They can also affect our reality.  They tweaked reality to make sure that Hillary Clinton did not get elected in the last US  Presidential election.  They foresaw she would be responsible for blowing up our Planet.  These Beings do not answer to anyone.  In fact, no one knows who they are or where they come from.  They were responsible for sinking Atlantis when the Pleiadians were misusing crystal energy, aiming it at another Planet.  (The Pleiadians have lived on many Planets throughout the Ages.)   They (these Super Beings who are responsible  to make sure we do not blow up Earth or send it out of orbit) have seen that the Military in the United States is out of control now and is responsible for the suffering of masses of people.  They have been given their last warning to the United States.  They have devices similar to our computer laptops.  Every country is tied in place by programming.  They have removed most of the programming keeping United States in place. These Beings have communicated with Utielle in Heaven and myself.  They said it would take less than a day to remove the  rest of the programming.

I have asked Pompeo and Trump to stop putting sanctions on other countries as it is considered an act of war by these Beings. It is also a Crime Against Humanity. Finally the leaders who are responsible for these sanctions will see their patterning (vibration) plummet.

Perhaps Americans and Canadians could stand together and say no more war of any kind.  You individually could use the spiritual power every individual is given at the  time of the Planetary Shift, to bring in peace and send away war.  Your patterning (vibration) would rise individually and collectively. You could do that by seeing Peace when you close your eyes. Visualize peace as part of your reality.

Written by Lynn and Arzel 20190625