Migrants, by Arzel and Lynn

The energy now should be love and kindness on the Planet.

All people should show love and kindness to the worlds’ migrants.  Countries, politicians, and regular people are being given an opportunity to raise their patterning (vibration).  This is a gift to everyone.  If you help the migrants your patterning goes up, which everyone needs at this time.

Every person has the ability to provide food and shelter for their family.  This ability is put on every interactive chart which is located in Heaven.  Unfortunately there is much monetary theft by creation devices.  These devices can target certain areas and groups of people.  I noticed on the inside world a few years ago a woman stealing from the city of Surrey. That would have affected everyone in Surrey.  I also experienced a man stealing from my bank account going to the past and then to the future.  The Kingdom is reversing money that was stolen this way.

Everyone is being given opportunities to raise their patterning. 

Written by Arzel 20190706