A Miracle, by Lynn and Arzel

There is a lot of unrest on this Planet.  Trump has put a lot of sanctions on Countries around the world.  This is considered an act of War by the Super Beings in this and other galaxies further into space. These Super Beings are watching us now.  There is a group that is responsible to make sure we do not blow up this Planet or send it out of Orbit.  They do not tell us who they are.  They seem to like Utielle (in Heaven) and myself. Now here is my dilemma: Trump and Pompeo are causing much unrest on this Planet with other countries.  They are putting sanctions against other countries.  Iran is suffering financially from these sanctions.  North Korea is also suffering from sanctions.  These Beings who are responsible  for our Planet have said they will sink United States and Eastern Canada (just to get to Justin Trudeau).  Now I have been able to push this away with my spiritual power so far.  Now though there have been 2 hits put on my life.  They are attacking my throat with nuclear weapons.  Quite a number of people have been attacked with these weapons and killed.  Many people have been given throat and esophagus cancer.  There are some ETs who are helping me and some military as well.  They understand that if I die the Earth Plane will disappear and our Planet will go for auction.  I have shown the Military that I am the new Mother God Arzel.  Many ET civilizations have also shown them who I am.  There are some well known men who want to be the new Anti Christ.  There are also many women who want to be the new Mother God. First of all, I am part of the Royal Blood line on the Planet.  My Spirit also has the correct lineage and lifetimes required to do this role.  My patterning or vibration is extremely high. (2 million plus and growing) I have earned this patterning by my actions this lifetime.  I also have earned many different channels to fulfill my role.  I became a channeler and spent thousands and thousands of hours channeling and also being at oneness.

This Planet is part of the Elohim nation.  Azna was the last Mother God. It was a position.  I am the new Mother God.

I plan to give Iran an advantage to make up for the mistreatment by the United States.  Saudi has been shown something for their economy after the Planetary Shift.  I also intend to help Korea for the future.  I have ideas for new economies to replace oil.  There are vehicles coming which do not run on any fossil fuels.  Our current cars will be taken out of reality.  I will give you the details soon.

Written by Lynn and Arzel 20190723