Armed Satellites, by Arzel

 There is an alien device that Homeland agents have that can move anything their agents want to steal from your home to their desk.  I was told by a Home Land Commander that they only hired people for agents that were psychopaths , sociopaths or both. I object that our government is allowing this technology in our country. Secondly allowing a agent who is a sociopath and or a psychopath operate these alien devices is criminal.  You are probably thinking that it has not happened to you so why care.  What if you had a winning lottery ticket in your purse.  These criminal agents could steal lottery tickets with this device.  They can also steal cash from your wallet. There is another device that can take the stones from your rings or jewelry. One day I was walking downtown when this large crystal just disappeared from my ring.  I saw the flash and it was gone.  Now that I have abilities to connect with the  the program in Heaven I was able to find out how and who took it.  It was a Pleiadian woman that our Military know.  It turns out she was responsible for procuring the satellites that they tried to use against us four years ago and again just recently when they decided to kill off all military in North America. 

4 years ago the Pleiadians and the Anchars launched a satellite into space that was programmed to go around 5 countries (Canada, United States, Russia, France and Iran).  After this satellite went around these countries 3 times, every living thing would have been infected with a fatal disease.  They would not even know they were sick until it was too late.  It would have killed every living thing.  After 4 years slaves from Europe were supposed to come and clean up the mess.  That is the reason for the Ukraine war.

Luckily for everyone in the 5 countries (United States, Canada, Russia, Iran and France) I was able to stop it. These Beings sent 3 Beings to kill me.  They noticed my crown of light and high patterning.  The first one aimed a device at me to see if I had earned my patterning.  It said I had. Well they thought the device was not working.  The second Being aimed his device at me with the same result.  The third Being also aimed his device at me and also saw I had earned my high patterning and that my crown of light was not some trick.  They then told me about the satellite and what it was to do. I connected psychically to CSIS. They had been ordered to stand down.  Obviously they were one of the groups given an antidote.

I then went to the web and flew around like Harry Potter.  I flew with Putin holding one of my hands and Sarkozy on the other hand.  The Head Hathor Protector was flying beside us on the web. I was beaming out with intention what I was looking for.  It did not take too long before the satellite came to us.  Head Hathor then removed it to Russia for protection.  That is why the Americans are harassing Russia.

Recently the Pleiadians and Anchars launched another satellite (August 2018). This time they wished to kill off all the military in North America. I had a flash that something was wrong so I took Ron Brook who works for RCMP Intelligence and flew with him like Harry Potter on the web.  I put out an intention of what I was looking for.  This satellite answered us very quickly.  The Head Protector Hathor once again took the satellite to Russia.  Putin is now a God and has extremely high patterning.  I knew it would be safe there. I could not take it to Canada or United States. I knew that all the Canadian and American agencies had been ordered to stand down.

This article may sound like delusion but I can assure you it is not.   This is partially reprinted from an article  August 15th, 2018 

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