World Manipulation, by Arzel and Lynn

Today I have felt the wrath of the Arcturians and Pleiadians through our intelligence officers (who work for agencies such as Homeland Defense, RCMP Intelligence, and others including private contractors).  When an intelligence officer attacks good law abiding citizens with atomic powered weapons day after day, the program in Heaven lowers these officers patterning as punishment.  Their looks then appear to be evil.  That allows all other citizens to see who these intelligence officers are.  After a while the intelligence of the officer is affected. He or she is not able to use the energy on the Planet like they could before. They cannot think of a problem and either send it out to the Universe for an answer or sleep on it and expect an answer the next morning.  Their patterning or vibration is too low.

What is happening is that the Pleiadians and Arcturians are helping these criminal intelligence officers working for the different agencies.  The Pleiadians have given  them technology to steal looks from others.  Each person has electronic overlays to give them their individual looks. These criminals are stealing the looks of others, especially high patterned people.  Now these agents looks and bodies are compromised and are close to extinction level.  The Pleiadians and Arcturians are giving them new hybrid soldier bodies.  These Hybrids are easily controlled.  The other thing that has happened for many years is that the brains of some these agents have been split.  That way they can be controlled.  The side of the brain that does all the torture and killing of others is not easily accessed by the individual.  It is a psychopathic brain.

There are many different ETs who have come to witness our Planetary Shift.  Many are here to help us. Unfortunately there are many who are not. They are attempting to steal our Planet from us.  The rules of the Planetary Shift have changed.  I as the owner of Earth, Heaven and Mars have earned my patterning required for the Shift.

Written Sept 3, 2019