Some observations by Arzel and Lynn

I have noticed that there are many groups who are not handling the Planetary Shift well.  It has started.  There are many things that occur leading up to the final jump.

Spiritual energy is given to every Being on the Planet.  This energy is for every Being to grow their soul, help Mother Gaia and also grow the energy around the Planet.  Unfortunately many souls on this Planet have seen this as an opportunity to control others and cause global destruction.  Politicians are not always representing their constituents.  Most people of low patterning have not had spiritual energy before.  They believe this energy is for them to create chaos on the Planet. 

I have been observing the dance in English politics over Brexit.  This dance is part of the Planetary Shift. It makes individuals face who they are.  People in Politics need to have patterning of plus 6 on a pathway to 10 before the Planetary Shift.  When their patterning is in the minuses these politicians cannot do their job.  They are using their Spiritual energy for the Shift.  I would like Jeremy Corbyn to tell his International audience exactly what his Party wants in order to exit the EU with a deal.  Every politician in the two parties in Britain should divulge his/her patterning. MI6 could do that. That would explain why a deal cannot be reached.

Now for Politicians who cannot get a trade deal with another country.  I believe the foremost reason is that their patterning is too low.  This low patterning allow for them to do horrible things to others.  There are a group of Beings called the Lizards.  They look like a golden beige color dough boy.   These beings are from a Lizard colony in space.  They have technology to make you stronger and look younger.  To do this they sacrifice babies and children of high patterning with you.  To date the computers in Heaven have calculated millions of deaths of babies, children and other high patterning people.  There is also technology to remove the memories of these sacrificed babies, children and others from our memories. Some babies are returned to their cribs after death.  It appears to be SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome.

There is also technology from the Pleiadians and Arcturians to make a person look younger.  The Pleiadians steal looks from people of high patterning for others.  The Arcturians have technology to make your skin look younger and dewy.  Before this Arcturian and Pleiadian technology, the average person could tell who an evil person was just by looking at them.  Their skin color would have a gray tinge to it and their younger looks would be gone. 

When one becomes a God and owner  of a Planet, it is required that a group from Source come.  Source does the necessary initiation for the new God.  This was not done. The Other Beings responsible to make a new soul for Lynn have done their job.  Arzel is Lynn’s soul. They have now passed the Baton of power to Lynn MacKay, soul Arzel.  Lynn’s name on Planet Earth will change to Arzel after the Planetary Shift.

Written by Lynn MacKay and Arzel