Fact and Fiction re Planetary Shift, by Arzel and Lynn

There are many Beings from other Planets here now.  When a Planet is going through a Shift, Beings from other Planets come to witness the Shift.  Some come to help us while others come to attempt to steal our Planet from us.  They come with many disguises and deceptions.  Generally they go after people of low patterning or vibration.  They are easier to deceive.  Our Planet is going through the Shift.  I expect it should complete within the year.

The Arcturians and Pleiadians have come and told our low patterning criminals that they can stop the Planetary Shift.  Last night the Arcturians admitted to Arzel, the Godhead, myself and others that they cannot stop the Planetary Shift.  The Shift will happen at the scheduled  time.  This lie was told to our Military to gain advantages in our bases and with our criminals.

Written by Arzel and Lynn