Children -Homeland Defense- written by Lynn and Arzel

The Homeland Agents in BC are getting their own young children (3-8 yrs old)  to spy on people. These children are then telling their Homeland parents what they see.  Most of the Homeland agents have lost their psychic/spiritual abilities. Their children who have psychic/spiritual abilities are being forced to work for Homeland Defense.  They threaten to spank their brother/sister if they do not cooperate. The children are asked where someone is.  The agents can then send atomic attacks or atomic heat energy to these people.   Their Homeland computers have many locations in a persons’ home.

Their parents are lizards also and have attended many human sacrifices.

I have worked very hard to get the lizards off the Planet and Homeland Defense shut down.  Also Homeland Defense does not protect Canadians. Their whole reason for being is to torture people of high vibration.  Now this could be someone like me, but it could also be a baby, a teenager or an upstanding adult.  These low patterning creeps feel they can stop the Planetary Shift (which is expected sometime  in the next year), if they kill all the high patterning people on the Planet.  The Pleiadians and Arcturians have been lying to our Military, saying they can stop the Planetary Shift.  We have them on tape saying they cannot stop the Shift.

Politicians  and Homeland Defense have many different Alien devices. There is one in particular that is a creation device.  You could win a federal election with this device.  It looks like a silver flat pill container.  It appears to be about 4-5 inches long and about 2 inches wide.  This is approximate as I am viewing this from the inside world.  You would feel when this device created something, especially something big like an election.

Written by Lynn and Arzel