Extremely low patterning Beings, by Lynn and Arzel

Some Homeland Agents and certain politicians have lost their human life to some devious ET races. These people either have died or are about to, due to low patterning (or vibration).  These devious ET races who wish to steal our Planet have given them one of their bodies and with overlay technology they appear to be who they have always been albeit younger and healthier looking. Now the problem is this: these devious beings are controlling them.  Their end game is to to remove us humans and replace us with their people.  To my knowledge there are 3 of these types of beings.  There are many ETs here helping us with our Planetary Shift. Our Overlays have been stolen by the Pleiadians.  I have asked the Military repeatedly to no avail to remove the Pleiadians and Arcturians from our bases.  Unfortunately a woman who wished to be President of United States in the last election, procured all our interactive charts.  She then made a deal with the Pleiadians.  She would give them our charts in exchange for them procuring her the Presidency.  That did not happen because some ETs tweaked our reality.  They foresaw she would end up blowing up Planet Earth.

The program in Heaven is vast.  We have a small section for ETs. The reason for that is so we can nourish them daily, like we do all life on this Planet.  We have the Elohim Nation here now.  They are the owners of Planet Earth.  My name is on the deed but it also has the Elohim Nation. There will be some drastic changes made to our program on the ET side.  Soon no Et will be able to steal overlays.  People who have been stealing looks from others with this overlay technology, will soon see these stolen looks gone.

Written by Lynn and Arzel