This is serious! Written by Lynn and Arzel

November 4, 2019 I saw what the Arcturians and Pleiadians planned for all of us.  They tried to electrocute me at approximately 130 in the morning.  I woke up with extreme pain to my head and legs.  It felt like my whole body had been plugged into an electrical outlet. I was shaking. I was able to call and connect with the Council in  Heaven.  They were able to help me some by putting additional protection to my interactive chart in Heaven.  My head still hurts.  Today I went out to buy a new shirt.  On the way back I was attacked twice to the head with this same energy. 

These Beings (Pleiadians and Arcturians) want this Planet.  There are some other Beings who want this Planet as well.  They are the Ants (upright being about 5-6 feet tall), the Lizards who use  human sacrifice and one other.  I do not know their names.  They appear about 6 feet tall.  I see them all in black.  They offer their services of knowledge.  They stand in behind you.  Eventually they merge with you and take over your body and identity permanently.  They have an unusual eye.  George Bush Sr had this eye.  I have seen others too.

This is very serious.  Many of our politicians and military have been affected by all these beings.  They have ET devices to change reality.  The Kingdom told me a year ago that 85% of our military in Surrey was corrupt.

Now one of the biggest problem I see is the low patterning of our Politicians and military.  You need to be a plus 10 at the time of the Planetary Shift.  Their patterning is -3000 for our new hires and -400000 for the rest.  These corrupt ETs are killing the agents who have extremely low patterning.  They are giving them one of their bodies. The corrupt ETs are attempting to steal our Planet from us this way.

These ETs are also causing mass fires.  The fires in California are not caused by global warming.  British Intelligence developed a war weapon that causes mass fires.  They are a bright light and go in a line.  This war weapon was stolen.  It is now fitted onto many ET ships.  Now these ETS are bad ones (Pleiadian and Arcturian) not our other ET friends.  These weapons can also incinerate homes.

November 6, 2019