Beings, by Lynn & Arzel

I have learned something about some Beings I mentioned in my article of November 6, 2019 from the Elohim Nation who are here now:

” one other.  I do not know their names.  They appear about 6 feet tall.  I see them all in black.  They offer their services of knowledge.  They stand in behind you.  Eventually they merge with you and take over your body and identity permanently.  They give you an unusual eye with their initiation.  George Bush Sr had this eye.  I have seen others too.  Once you take their initiation they own you.  The Elohim and the Kingdom cannot back you out or reverse this initiation.  When these Beings leave the Planet they take our people who have taken their initiation.  The Elohim said it appears they travel with a few thousand humanoids.  I happen to know there are some Illuminati who have taken this initiation. 

The trap is this.  They offer their services and show you things.  They tried that with me.  I did not ask for any information.  I told them I was not interested in their information.  They did leave me alone after that.  When a persons’ patterning rises to a high level (above +5000) you just know things about our current reality. These ETs show you the same thing. To a person of extremely low patterning this information from these ETs could seem worthwhile. 

A lot of the ETS that are interested in securing our Planet or taking some of our people  use many devious ways. 

Updated Dec 20, 2019