A Time for Patience, by Arzel

There are many different ET civilizations here to witness our Planetary Shift.  Unfortunately there are also several groups who have attempted to steal our Planet from us.  These are the Lizards, Pleiadians, Arcturians and one other race who are Beings that stand in your shadow and once you have taken their initiation you have a black inside of your inner eye. You also belong to them.  When they leave they take all the humans who have taken their initiation. You will see that many of our corrupt politicians, corrupt business people, and corrupt law enforcement will be gone.  Some will take their whole family.  The Elohim nation will then be called to fill in the gaps left by the disappearance of these politicians and law enforcement.  The reason for this is these corrupt people do not have high enough patterning to stay here on Planet Earth.  We in the Council do not know the status yet of what the Pleiadians, Arcturians and Lizards are going to do.

It is not a time to panic.  We have our army handling this transition.

Written by Arzel