A perspective, by Arzel (Mother God)

I would like for everyone on the Planet to consider the following perspective.

Sanctions are against Planetary Laws, especially at the time of the Planetary Shift.  They are used by Politicians to gain advantage over a Political Leader or Military Personnel. These sanctions are meant to put pressure on them.  Unfortunately these sanctions cause many hardships to their private citizens.  That is why you saw such an outpouring of hate directed at the American people yesterday after the killing of Qasem Soleimani. I believe Qasem was the hope of the Iranian people, hope that he would be able to have the Americans remove the sanctions against them.  Their Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei does not want war.  He has been responsible for stopping wars since 1989. He has been responsible for coordinating meditation circles on the inside world for spiritual people worldwide.  That was his way of stopping war.  My hope is that the outcry over Qasem Soleimani will help remove hate from their bodies. Stored hate in the body is not good for your physical health. At the time of the Planetary Shift kindness and love is the energy that will shift the unrest and hate away.

Written by Mother God