Politicians that are no longer human, by Arzel and Lynn

A lot of our politicians have patterning too low for them to remain in life.  They have no chance of surviving the Planetary Shift.  Because of this some have chosen to get new ET life forms (bodies).  With this Overlay technology the Arcturians, Pleiadians and other ETs can make them look like they did before.  These evil ETs are controlling our Politicians. These same ETs want our Planet.  They are responsible for all the fires on the Planet.  There is technology that was developed by the British scientists that can be attached to ET ships that can start mass fires and incinerate homes.  This technology was stolen. These ET ships have cloaking so they can not be seen.  This technology was given to the Pleiadians by an unscrupulous group on this Planet.  I have repeatedly told the Military that there is a Kill Order against the Pleiadians by Andromeda.  These “duh” boys (military) have let the Pleiadians into our bases in North America.  The Pleiadians are very good liars.  They are also good at giving our Military and Politicians new looks (parts of your faces).   In fact any part of you they want can be taken.  Even your talents can be taken.  They have also given our Military technology.

What am I doing?  Andromeda is shooting down all Pleiadian and Arcturian ET ships.  I have many Super Beings (the good guys) that are here and many more coming to help.  I have 6 ET light blocking ships that were made for me.  They are patrolling our skies and universe.  I have many Politicians that are not corrupt helping me. The Elohim nation is also here.  They are bringing many ships in.  We are also bringing in our own seed ships to remove the people of extremely low patterning.  They are at risk of being taken by the Arcturians and Pleiadians. I have established a Force to go after ET ships that are coming to cause trouble. Most countries have ET ships. We are working together as a Human Race to stop these corrupt ET races.  Kim Jong Un  is helping with Battle Plans.  He will be on one of these big Battle ET ships with light blocking.  These are very powerful ET ships.  Besides our 6 ships we have many ET civilizations that will fight  with us. Andromeda is also fighting with us.