Survival by Arzel and Lynn

Today I am being attacked by what appears to be the new head of the military of Canada.  He is part of a long line of creeps who think they can get what they want by sacrificing babies and children, torturing and killing our spiritual people, putting out a list of people who criminals can steal from. These criminals are in the Military, Government Intelligence Agencies, the Mob, the Bilderbergs and Homeland Defense. I have separated Homeland Defense from our Military.  The whole reason for Homeland is to hurt and kill people of high patterning.    This could be a baby, a young child, a teenager, a university student or adults.  These criminals  are all psychopaths and sociopaths. Homeland is not here to help Canadian citizens or go after killers.  Homeland has done Human Sacrifice in their office in Surrey, which is located in an alien overlay.

These people have been after me for years, since I was a baby. They knew who I was.  I am the daughter of Sir Evelyn Rothschild.  My birth was manipulated by these Super Beings.  The Kingdom wanted me to be part of the Royal Bloodline.  I was to be and I am now Mother God at the time of the Planetary Shift. I have been part of the royal bloodline in previous lifetimes.

There has been a lot of corruption on the Planet.  I believe the Pleiadian ET race is responsible for this.  They have brought technology to the Planet for our military and criminals to use.  This technology makes it possible for these criminals to steal your looks, your money , your homes, your children, and your vehicles.   What happens when a criminal uses this technology is their patterning or vibration is affected.  The program in heaven lowers their vibration or patterning.  Over a number of years these Criminals now have patterning well below the Planetary Being.  Our souls hope to be a Plus 10 by the Shift which allows us to stay here after the Planetary Shift and become a crystalline being.  Our Souls have worked towards this for many different lifetimes.  Our Spiritual gifts come forward from our past lifetimes. 

Now what is happening is these criminals all have patterning which is far too low for them to shift. These criminals are  trying to lower the vibration of  Planet.  That is the reason for the fires around the world and all the other world disasters. 

January 25, 2020