Who are they? by Arzel

Who are the Beings trying to steal our Planet from us at the time of the Planetary Shift?  The first group are the Anchars, Pleiadians, Arcturians.  The Anchars supplied the Satellite Weapons that were programmed to infect every living Being in five countries.  No one would even realize they were sick until just before they died.  This corrupt group then planned on sending slaves from Europe (Ukraine) to clean up the mess 4 years later.  The five countries were United States, Canada, Russia, France and Iran.  The group behind this thought they had an antidote that would protect themselves.  It would not.  What is happening is there are many different groups who want to rule this world at the time of the Planetary Shift.  Unfortunately the Planetary Shift is ordered and plans were set in place many thousands of years ago.  The Anchars are once again causing problems with their technology or what was procured by them.  They are interfering with the Planetary Shift and the big “Program” in Heaven. The Pleiadians and Arcturians are responsible for all the big fires on the Planet. They have also infiltrated the Intelligence Agencies.  They are in Homeland Defense in Surrey, BC.  I have been told they are in the US intelligence agencies too.  

There is another group who stands in your shadow and offers information and spiritual initiations to increase power.  They have gotten some big names and groups on the Planet.  Their eyes take on a black look.  Once a person takes their initiation they are then part of their group. The Elohim have seen them traveling with hundreds of humanoids. Their initiations can not be backed off.  Once a human from Earth takes their initiation this human then belongs to them.

The next group are the Lizards.  They look like golden beige colored dough boys.  They take babies, children or adults of high patterning for sacrifice.  They have overlay technology like the Pleiadians.  They can steal your looks, abilities etc. Once a human does human sacrifice with them, they now have a lizard body. They then must use technology to look like they did before. These Lizards are now returning the sacrificed babies and children to their beds afterwards.  It then appears the babies died from SIDS. These lizards have members of Royalty, Law Enforcement, Politicians, Intelligence Groups and many other groups on the Planet.

There are many other ET groups interfering with the Shift and also human groups on our Planet.

written by Arzel Feb 2, 2020