Time for the Pleiadians and other ETs to leave this Planet, by Arzel

The Pleiadians have been told by the Elohim Nation that their time on this Planet is over.  They have not said when they are going.

The Arcturians have been told to leave.  They have said they would leave over the next couple of nights.

The Lizards say they will come and remove the Windsors in England soon.

The ETs that stand in your shadow and give you information have also been told to leave. They are the ones that give you a black inner eye.  If you have taken their initiations they will take you with them.

Any ET group that is causing trouble on the Planet will soon disappear if they do not leave on their own accord.

Any Et group that is not part of the ones listed above can contact the Elohim nation for information. The ETs who are not causing trouble are not being asked to leave.

Written by Arzel

February 6, 2020