Protests in opposition of the planned natural gas pipeline, by Arzel

Tonight I witnessed on the local television news show, indignation from one young woman that the Westcoast Express train was cancelled due to protests.  I also saw a Vancouver business man complain that the protesters should not be there.

Now here is what I know:  Before the Planetary Shift all the pipelines will be removed by the Main computer in  Heaven.  So spending billions of dollars on the pipeline is like throwing billions of dollars down the toilet. They will be removed so they do not blow up killing millions, when the Planet rises.

Our Politicians and Military have been told about the Planetary Shift.  Most of them have too low of vibration or patterning to survive this Shift.  They also fantasize about owning and running the Planet. The real owners are the Elohim nation and Arzel.  The real corrupt ones have approached ETs to help stop the Planet from rising. The Military with the backing of the Politicians have been aiming atomic powered weapons at the Protesters and our Planet’s spiritual people.  The Homeland Defense people are the same people who are doing human sacrifice of babies in their Surrey office, which is located at Surrey Central in an alien overlay.  Also firing atomic weapons around creates fissures under us.  Fissures do not rise.  They blow up.  These protesting people are doing us all a favor.  This Shift is expected to happen this year.

We as the world people need to pull together to prepare for the Planetary Shift.  At this time we are all given spiritual power.  We are supposed to use it to grow our patterning and send love around the Planet.   We are required to be a +10 at this time or on a path to this before the Planetary Shift.

Written by Arzel (your new God and Owner of this Planet)

Feb 13. 2020