Arcturians & Pleiadians in our work places, by Arzel

This has become very serious now.  The Arcturians and Pleiadians are now in our workplaces.  The Arcturians have the ability to show their former human looks when they are at work. Their job is to to get information from the military, government and telecommunication companies.  This is a very ordered attack.  They also are controlling our military with poisons put on their interactive charts. For those of you who do not know what an interactive chart is: There are two electronic files / interactive charts for each person on this planet.  One is located on the Planet and the other one is located in Heaven, (which is also a Planet).  Every action you take is recorded on these electronic files, as are all your accomplishments.  Your whole life is recorded on these electronic files.

The Pleiadians and Arcturians are responsible for all the mass fires on the Planet. There was technology created by some English scientists as a war weapon.  This device creates mass fires and it can also incinerate homes.  Some of these devices were stolen and our Intelligence Officers did not recover them.  The next thing the Pleiadians and Arcturians had these devices fitted to their ET ships.  About a year ago the Pleiadians and Arcturians came in mass to burn us down.  Luckily I was able to get my 3 large light blocking ships, 1 light blocking ship of the Hathors, some other light blocking ships belonging to the Reptilian Royals, the Kryons, and many other ships to stop them.  We had  our own Et ships from around the world.  Countries like Russia, France, and North Korea took part.  Many ET civilizations did not want to be  known as helpers. Because of my many spiritual channels I was able to communicate with them in space.  Kim Jong-un was responsible for battle plans.  He was Caesar in a previous life.  We were victorious.   There have been many other battles with the Pleiadians and Arcturians. 

The Arcturians and Pleiadians are in our bases and intelligence offices.  The Military has been told many times that there is a Kill Order against all Pleiadians by Andromeda and it has been extended to the Arcturians now.  When an agent attacks our people with atomic powered weapons their vibration is lowered on their interactive charts.  You need to be a PLUS 10 at the time of the Planetary Shift to stay on this Planet.  There is a device in these intelligence offices to measure patterning.  The Pleiadians changed it to a 1 digit readout. Consequently these agents have no idea how low their patterning is.  The Pleiadians and the Military have encouraged them to steal money, homes, looks, traits and gifts from people with alien devices and sacrifice babies and children.  There is an oven like at crematoriums now to dispose of the bodies.  Politicians have used these ET devices to steal elections.  Now  the Arcturians  are stealing bodies of our agents. What they do is transfer their consciousness, memories and spirit into one of their new forms.  This does however allow them to have much higher patterning than they did before.  A big drawback for these agents is that their human looks disappear after their shift at work.  Some of our big name politicians are also Arcturians.

At the time of the Planetary Shift many planets change ownership.  The Earth plane is dumped which kills every living thing on this Planet.  After that the Planet is auctioned off. The Military on our Planet are being controlled by their interactive charts.  The Pleiadians and Arcturians want our Planet.  They do not want any of you.

Also about 5 years ago this horrible group on the Planet tried to eliminate every living thing in 5 countries by satellite that was loaded with powerful technology to give every living thing a virus. People would not have known they were sick until just before they died.  4-5 years later they planned on sending slaves from Europe  (Ukraine) to clean up the mess.  United States, Canada, Russia, France and Iran were the countries.  Three ETs dressed in space uniforms beamed into my bedroom apartment.  They noticed my crown of light and my high patterning but felt it was a trick.  The first ET took out his device to see if I had earned my patterning.  It felt as though my brain was being downloaded.  This device said I had earned my patterning.  This ET thought his device was not working properly.  The second ET then took out his device to see if I had earned my patterning.  My brain hurt from this device.  This device said I had earned my patterning.  He also felt something was wrong with his device.  Finally the third ET took out his device and aimed it at me.  It also said I had earned my patterning.  These three ETs then told me what was going on.  They showed me a picture of this orange color satellite psychically that was to go around 5 countries three times. I was told 4 of the countries: United States, Canada, Russia, Iran. I asked CSIS to help me. They said that they had been ordered to stand down. (Days later I found out that the military in North America, the Politicians and others were given antidotes for this poison being transmitted.) A couple days later I was given the 5th country: France.   I was able to stop these satellites with help from Vladimir Putin, Nicholas Sarkozy and the Head Military soldier of the Hathors. I grabbed the hands of Putin and Sarkozy and flew through the web with them.  The Head Protector of the Hathors flew beside us.  I beamed out with intention for this satellite to come to us.  It came very quickly and after a quick conversation with oneness, Hathor was able to take it to an underground base in Russia. We were able to recover the 2nd satellite. We also recovered the technology that was on  a small drive.

This time 3 ETS did not visit me. I was given a deadly toxin which was transmitted to me with a Pleiadian device.  A good friend had the antidote.  I was also attacked with satellite weapons. I knew that a satellite must have been their weapon of choice again.  Once we recovered their satellites before, these corrupt people threatened to get some “DUMB PLEIADIAN” to transmit this poison around with their small ET ships.  They wanted to poison everyone at the last Winter Olympic Games in Russia.  I believe a group of ETs have been contracted by this very evil group on the Planet (with too much power and too low patterning). I heard from my Sources that these contracted ETs have been  transmitting poison to the rest of us from their Ships. It is a world wide effort now to stop these attacks and bring the people responsible to justice.  The Kingdom has the proof who is responsible for this.

Written by Arzel