Love for all Beings, by Azna (Mother God)

I am a positioned Godhead Creator being. I am called by the name Azna here or just Mother. From a life time on Earth I am referred to as Mother Mary. I answer to all these names. Your wish will show you different personages of my being. I have a role to help beings from my standpoint here on the “Other Side” as my daughter refers to it, or just plain “Heaven”. She has taken a role on Earth to help with the transition. Ascension is a multi faceted process for all those in life and here in spirit world. With the urgency of Ascension now, I have taken residence in the “Pool of Light”. With me are three of God’s chosen Council Members. We are able to keep our identities. We have formed a pattern in the Pool of Light. We wish you to know there is extreme danger now with the wars and pollution on Planet Earth. It is necessary to speed up the “Process of Ascension” here and there. This Planet is unstable. She wishes for love like any being does. With transference you will awake to find yourself in life on a planet similar to Earth. It has been created in likeness to Planet Earth. This is necessary for life to continue for us.My daughters are called Atna, Ariel and Atriel. Atna has chosen to be known as Utielle, to resonate in oneness with her sisters. Utielle and Atna are both an aspect of each other. Lynn, this Channeler has a difficult role with us here. She has been given the channels to enhance life on Earth. These are powerful channels of light that come down from here via her channels. This energy splits off just before her aura. We are able to direct this light from here. The challenge is to support her so she is able to maintain the channels from here.

Note: I was prompted to ask 2 questions by a friend:

  1. Question: When will these channels be fully operational?
    Answer: The channels are working at 1/3 and will increase daily.
  2. Question: What can they do to help this Channeler?
    Answer: Send love and the wish for light to support her. See it going to her.

Channeled June 27, 2008