My Helper



October 1992 – July 15, 2009

Angel is my Maltipoo dog. She is a wonderful and loyal being. She loves everybody and she is one who loves her food. Every night and every morning she makes the trek to the Channeling Room with me. She watches while I clear and prepare the room and then goes through a small ritual of having her chakras opened for channeling. She usually has 2 paws touching my leg while I channel. She has second sight and she guards me from the unseen as well. Animals are not restricted by the veil between Heaven and Earth, like humans are.

The Druids of King Arthur’s time, felt it was important to circle love to as many beings as possible every day. Angel is my best friend and I love her with all my heart.


Angel is my friend
She is also my dog

She paces around her dish
and demands her ado

She loves her food
and me too

She gets real excited
when there is a knock at the door

Now I must tell you
I love her as a friend

Angel comes to greet me
and jumps all over me
Coming home is such a blessing

Angel loves her car rides
and long walks too

I am a Shaman now
and she is too