About the Common Girl

Hello. My name is Lynn MacKay. I am a Huna teacher, Reiki Master,and Channeler. 

Lynn and AngelWhile I was in Kona, Hawaii in March of 1999, attending a Huna seminar, I had this idea to channel. That night in my hotel room, I channeled for the first time and the message was about a book I was to channel. The next morning I met two of my Huna friends, Ann and Tex Baker, of Texas, USA. I told them of my channeling experience. They both looked at each other and said to me “Well I guess the book is for you”. Ann had been in a bookstore in Texas before coming to Hawaii. She was drawn to a book on channeling. She bought it, thinking that she was going to channel. As she was packing to go to the airport, it was as though the book was calling her. Ann and Tex decided to bring the book with them but not tell anyone. I was surprised, but I also realized I was supposed to channel. After I got home to Vancouver from Hawaii, I started channeling every night. Before long stories and articles from humanitarians and scholars started to come through from Heaven. It was interesting but I noticed there were 4 subjects. I was a little worried at that point, as I thought Heaven expected me to write four books. About ¾ of the way through the first manuscript I was given the title. It then made sense to me. I just needed to organize the material under these four subjects. I realized that I needed to get this material out to the world. I went on the internet and to the local book store. Before long I had a literary agent. I sent the manuscript. I continued to channel and before long Volume 2 had begun. I was also given a Prophecy about the manuscript. As I was looking through my notes I discovered this. At first I thought it was pretty cool, until I realized it was talking about me. Before long both volumes were done. Both volumes have been merged into one. My challenge now is to get this book out to the world. After much ado I am getting this manuscript published. It can be purchased on line from www.trafford.com or by ordering it from your local book store. I hope you like it. This journey has been fascinating to me. I now believe in God and the Kingdom. I have learned the importance of love and how you need to send it every day, from your heart to others. To have this love returned to you, is to circle love and the more love you circle each day the better.