Symbols are specific energy, a life source with consciousness. Symbols have with no physical material body. They can be seen with 2nd or 3rd sight. They are created for use by Shamans. God creates these symbols with love and attention. Each one has a specific property. Some have more than one. Their energy is specific.

There are different ways and levels of using symbols. Symbols are passed down from God to a Shaman. The Shaman then creates a lineage by passing the symbol to others. He does this by sending the symbol into the crown chakra until it is absorbed into a person’s neurology. The Shaman also sends the symbol into the sending palm of the person, and holds it until it goes into the neurology. By doing this it creates a new level of experience with the symbols. The person is now part of the lineage or energy connection. Sometimes the Shaman will initiate someone as an initiator. When initiated properly the symbol looks after the Karma from Uli. For personal use only, the other way to use a symbol is to just claim it. You can claim a symbol by looking at its shape and name and calling it. When you call the symbol you are calling the energy. Respect is very important when dealing with symbols. A symbol does not have to come if you try and claim it. It does also not have to give you its power. These symbols can be claimed for your personal use. They are to be used with love, joy and acceptance.

These symbols can be claimed for your personal use. They are to be claimed and used with love, joy and acceptance. Only use symbols in accordance with the Spiritual Laws.