Spiritual Laws

  1. The first is kindness to all beings.
  2. The second is that you came to love and be loved. Joy and love are a duty.
  3. All Beings must be shown respect for their realities in life.
  4. All must obey God when asked to do something.
  5. All must bring in the Light daily to their physical being and choose the Light.
  6. All must use Magic for the good of all.
  7. Black magic is not allowed and incurs many lessons or a debt of repayment to the Kingdom.
  8. No one will support or condone the use of Black Magic for any reason.
  9. The law that states “When a teacher is needed, a teacher is found” must be obeyed. People will come to you for help and you must help them.
  10. Respect for God, his family and the Kingdom.