Wisdom from Heaven
How to Cope in the New Millennium
The Prophecy of the Book
A Common Girl through life experience figures out how to channel. She channels the book that has been in progress for centuries. The Common Girl will challenge peoples’ thoughts. She will follow the path set out for her. She knows what she has to do. First she has to get the Book out to the World. She must do this before the end of the New Year of the millennium. The year is 2001. The common girl will get the book out to the World and then travel teaching it. She will have many supporters. She will help bring in The New Age. She is here to serve Mother Earth. She is also here to help mankind, to inspire, and lead the way. Man will destroy the world if not for the Common Girl. She will stop the destruction. People will listen to her. They will help. Many will fear her. Some will try to destroy her. She will be protected. The world will come full circle with her. She will unite its people.